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Michelangelo crafted the pain and agony felt by mother Mary holding her newly deceased son Jesus Christ out of one slab of stone. The weightlessness of Jesus is demonstrated as he is held by his heartbroken mother.

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Exposed to the outside element’s, the atrium showcases the power and wealth associated with the Vatican. The ceiling is coated in gold decoration which sets the tone for the environment within the doors.

This is a picture of the Forum from the center of the Forum.

Nazis walking through roman forum on picture lined up with present day forum

This is a picture of the Forum when Hitler walked through it with the Nazis.

Melissa and Meghan lining up deep time nazi picture.

This is a close up picture of the remains of a structure in the Forum.

Tourists seen through hole in wall at roman forum.

Wide shot of roman forum with railing.

Photo of the plaque outside the Piazzale Portuense.
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