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Lion Fountain with water at the Piazza Del Popolo

This photo shows the ceiling in the Basilica di Santa Maria that depicts the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, as she ascends into heaven. The ceiling is painted with such precision and unique details, which fully brings to life, Mary, the mother of…

The scenic pathways at the Protestant Cemetery are a pleasure to walk down.

This photo depicts the altar in the front of the Basilica. The marble pillars add elegance and grace to the Basilica. The Cardinal, or priest, will facilitate Mass at the altar, expressing their own faith along with the members of the church.

Scary big mouth monster at the Zuccari Palace

A photo of a stall selling antiques at the Porta Portese Market.

This aqueduct served to bring water from the mountains into the city.

Photo of assorted glassware set up at a stall at the Porta Portese Market.

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The coordinates for the Basilica di San Clemente are:
41.88914 N
012.49753 E
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